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  • FB Entrepreneurs Members Area - In this members area is where you'll gain access to everything regarding the FB Entrepreneur program.
  • 2 Day Live Training / Recording - During this training I'll personally be teaching you exactly what to do on every aspect. Everything from getting clients to planning out a management strategy for each client you have. And more importantly how to acquire customers easier than you ever thought.
  • Lifetime Updates for FREE - As time goes one, we know FaceBook will be changing. When they do, we'll update the program and the training and you'll get those updates 100% absolutely FREE!
  • Pricing Strategies - Price it right and it works, price it wrong and it doesn't. I'll teach you what the going rates are for FaceBook setup and management, but also I'll show you how to price it to win the client over.
  • FaceBook Management Techniques - You'll learn how to setup the program so it will benefit your client the most. Remember it's all about results and specifically results that your client needs.
  • How To Outsource The Whole Thing - Knowing how to do it is great, but it's much better to have someone else do it. I'll show you how to out sources the complete system where all you'll have to do is manage it.
  • Automation and How To Do It - It's easy to do this business when you only have a few clients, but you'll need to automate it if you want to scale up and handle an unlimited number. We'll show you how.
  • Exclusive Lead Generation Software - Our software allows you to find local business clients easily and it's free as a member of our program.
  • Exclusive PowerPoint Presentation - Gain access to my exclusive PowerPoint presentation which practically sells the service for you. Not only will you get the presentation, but I'll teach you exactly what to say.